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Child Custody in Memphis

Navigating Joint Custody & Sole Custody Cases

Child custody cases can be some of the most emotional and stressful situations a family can experience. At Bostick Law, we understand the importance of your children's well-being and are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Types of Custody

There are two types of custody arrangements: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody refers to where the child will live, while legal custody refers to the decision-making authority of the parents.

In many cases, parents opt for joint custody, which allows both parents to have a say in important decisions about their child's upbringing. This type of custody can also be divided into two categories: joint physical custody and joint legal custody.

If one parent is deemed unfit or unwilling to care for the child, the other parent may be awarded sole custody. This means that one parent has full legal and physical custody of the child.

Even after a custody order has been established, circumstances can change, and modifications may need to be made. At Bostick Law, we can assist you with modifications to existing custody orders.

Our Approach

At Bostick Law, we know that every family is unique and requires individualized attention. We take a compassionate and strategic approach to child custody cases, working to achieve a solution that works for you and your children. Our team is experienced in handling complex custody matters, including those involving relocation, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

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Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate this difficult time and achieve the best possible outcome for your family. If you are facing a child custody matter, don't hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation at (901) 582-7153

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